ONC055: Save Henry

ONC055: Save Henry


In this episode we talk about ‘Save Henry’. There’s some significant character development for Regina. On Neverland everybody teams up to save Henry, but do they really succeed in the end? We speculate about this episode’s big reveal.

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  1. Bill D

    Regrettably Once Upon a Time has jumped the shark. This is the last episode I will watch. This series should have ended last season. Instead of concentrating on resolving the issues in Storybrooke and fairytale land, we’re off on a series of wild goose chases just trying to keep the lame plot inflated. Pan switching places with Henry is the last straw.

    This was a wonderful show when it juxtaposed the characters in Storybrooke with those in fairytale land. Now it just drones on. Nearly 13 million people in the US were on board when it debuted. Now we’re down to 8.5 million and falling. Creating a spin-off called “Once Upon a Time in Wonderland” will only prolong the agony.

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