STH079: The Great ‘Desolation of Smaug’ Movie Review

STH079: The Great ‘Desolation of Smaug’ Movie Review


In this episode we get together to give a review of ‘The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug’. Did the movie meet our expectations? What to think of Tauriel and the love-triangle?

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  1. harm

    Hey all,

    Thanks for the comprehensive review. I was looking forward to it. I also find the pacing of the movie to quick, although I really liked the action. I think the Tolkien-fan-part of me should wait for the extended edition. I think only then can I realy know what I think of the vision and direction Peter and Co choose for the second film-adaptation. Because I hope many things will be explaned better in the extended edition. One other thing I would like to share is my thoughts off the ‘Kili and Tauriel romance’ thing. Kili and Tauriel share something. They are both not seen as how they really are. Kili is seen by Thorin as the youngster who is not worthy for the warrior title. Tauriel is seen as a lower class elf. And for me, Kili is a teenager/adolesent, so his playing with Tauriel is just innocent. Tauriel on the other hand listens to Kili (what no one else does) because she is free of pigeonholing. And when Tauriel heals Kili (she just does what she thinks is right). It is no wonder that Kili is amazed by when he sees during the healing proces. And feels very thankfull and loved. This is a being that realy cares for him. Sees him, not as a annoying teenager, but as a person. And second. I think that Tauriel needs to be in Lake Town. I think the dwarves will leave in de beginning of the second movie. And will see the dragon flying over them to lake town. And i think Tauriel will take care of Bart’s childern. I don’t think she will die. I still think that this will be a Beren Luthien story. Before the movie I heard that Bart was married en then I thought, o no Father Roderick is right. Tauriel will die. But now that Bart’s wife is deceased ? I think they will honour Tolkien be bringing Beren en Luthien in the Hobbit. And I can’t wait for it.

  2. Emilio

    There seems to be a problem with the podcast in iTunes. Its duration is shown to be 2 hours and 10 minutes, but the iPod screen shows it to be 47 minutes and 2 seconds. At first I was worried that it would stop playing at that point. It does not, but it is the last point you can go to. I.e. if you get interrupted after 47 minutes (five times so far) you can only resume at that point. Likewise if you touch the “15 seconds ahead” button you go back there. Touching the “15 seconds back” button gets you back to 46:47, so there is no way to repeat the last phrase you just missed without going back a long way.

    1. inge

      I checked the episode in iTunes and on the website, it plays normally there. Maybe something went wrong downloading the file to your iPod. Deleting the episode, unsubscribe to the feed and resubscribing should fix it, and a new copy of the file will be downloaded to your iPod.

  3. Timdalf

    Correction: It’s David S-a-lo, not Solo who is the linguist…. Too much Star Wars on the brain!

  4. Feor Hund

    James Nesbitt was referring to the ruins of Dale in that clip, not the destruction of Lake Town. He is talking about the scene where they see the “Desolation of Smaug” for the first time.

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