ONC062: It’s Not Easy Being Green

ONC062: It’s Not Easy Being Green

In this episode we analyze episode 16 of season 3 entitled ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’. Zelena wants Regina’s heart, Charming’s Courage and Rumplestiltskin’s brain. For what purpose? Listen to our theories and speculations by clicking on the player.

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  1. Michael Palmieri

    You talked about Zelena wanting the baby to love her. I wonder if she wants the baby in order to love him/her and kill him/her in the past in order to cast the curse… After all, you need the heart of the thing you love most to cast it.

    1. inge

      But everyone is already in Storybrooke. So the curse was already cast. This must be something else. Like building a flux capacitor out of courage, heart and brains?

      1. Michael Palmieri

        Yeah, but I mean, she has to cast it again, right? If her plan occurs as she intend to, if Rumple chooses her in the past… Unless that through going to the past she can kill the same person again to cast the curse for Rumple… This is all to messy for me. Back to the Future was way easier to follow

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