ONC070: Rocky Road

ONC070: Rocky Road

In this episode we analyze episode 3 of season 4, entitled ‘Rocky Road’. How exactly are Elsa and the Snow Queen related? And how does she know Emma?

Join Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, David Handlos, Shelly Kelly and Inge Loots for analysis and speculation!

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  1. Joan

    Hi, I really liked this episode. I loved Emma’s scenes with charming and of course Hook. I actually liked Regina in this episode – she really trIed to save Marian – I don’t know how much I like Robin yet but I’ll see what happens over next few eps. I am very intrigued by the Snow Queens link to Emma – I think she was Emma’s foster mother at one time – she really seemed surprised to see Emma so I don’t think she knew Emma was in Storybrooke. My theory is that Rumple brought the Snow Queen to Storybrooke. Also after ep 2 they released a deleted scene that showed regina and snow talking – and regina handed over the mayor reigns to Snow

  2. Danielle

    I just wanted to point out that it was mentioned in this episode or the last (just caught up today on all three episodes this season) That you questioned why Emma called David her “dad’ now, unlike before when she used to call him just David. I think I came from the Finale of last season when she finally found that place to belong, finally found a connection, and now, for he first time truly see’s Snow and Charming as her parents, Just my two cents and wanted to share. Love the podcast! Thanks for all you guys (And Gals) do.

  3. Phee

    Will Scarlet is undoubtedly the most popular thing about the Wonderland spinoff, (which frankly, by the time it hit its stride, became better than much of season 3 of the main show). Everyone loved him, and I’m sure they brought him to the main show in an effort to get more people to go back and watch Wonderland. The actor, Michael Socha, is credited as MAIN cast for season 4, he’s not an inconsequential one off or throw away recurring character.

    He will NOT be a love interest for anyone on OUAT unless they want to retcon Wonderland, where he has an established true love in Anastasia, who was Cinderella’s step-sister in the Enchanted Forest, then later became the Red Queen in Wonderland, and by the end of the show she and Will were reunited and in a flashforward it was indicated that they ruled Wonderland as the White King and Queen for many years.

    The Wonderland story took place during the timeline of season 2 of the main show, so really, Will should currently be the King in Wonderland, so I hope they have a believable explanation for why he’s even in Storybrooke now.

  4. CJ

    Will Scarlet (a.k.a. The Knave of Hearts) was the most popular character on Once Upon a Time in Wonderland. In the story he had Cora ( the Queen of Hearts and Regina’s mother) take his heart out because he was heartbroken. He was in love with Anastasia who became the Red Queen. They were both from the Enchanted Forest and Will was a part of Robin Hood and the merry men. Anastasia’s mother wanted her to marry a nobleman or a royal, but she loved Will, so they ran away to Wonderland. She was haunted by her mother’s words and when she went to steal the Crown Jewels, the king stopped her and married her instead. When Anastasia realized she made a mistake she teamed up with Jafar to change the rules of magic to change things and get Will back (it is unknown what happened to the King). When Will got his heart back he revealed that he still loved her. They had to face obstacles, like death, seperation, and more before being together. In the end they were back together and when Alice was telling her daughter the story she talked about the White King and Queen who brought Wonderland back together and ruled over all of Wonderland. In the book there was a drawing of Will and Anastasia as the White King and Queen. They are true love. In the end it was a good story and hopefully we will see other characters, like Anastasia, make an appearance in the show. Great Podcast!

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