CW259: Hipsters, Bobbleheads, and Saints

In this episode: Maria Johnson, Steve Nelson, Jeff Nielsen, Fr. Cory Sticha

Fr. Cory’s great train adventure; Hipster Catholics to follow on Twitter; Pope Francis and Mother Teresa bobbleheads; Saintcast returns! Archbishop Romero declared a martyr; Fr. Stanley Rother sainthood cause update; USCCB Feb. 5 letter to U.S. Congress; Pray for seminarians for monthly Day of Recollection; Maria’s book update! Nikola Tesla and creativity; the Faithful Traveler Kickstarter; Gelato, Limoncello, Coffee Liqueur, and Moonshiners.

Links discussed during the show:

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  1. Chris

    I like how SQPN is close to SQPR, the initials of the Roman Republic, seeing this is a “Roman” Catholic podcast. Just found these on the web and am enjoying you guys. Great work.

    1. Chris

      And on the USCCB letter, how would the ACLU react if a lawyer applied to there “fine” organization who didn’t believe in free speech? Could they discriminate against hiring him/her? I like what the ACLU stands for, equal rights for everyone, but gender identification? It’s like me thinking I need hair transplants because I don’t “identify” with bald men. Plus I want it to be covered in my insurance. #FallOfTheAmericanRepublic #CommonSenseIsDead #Hell_in_a_Handbasket

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