CW261: Ten Years of Catholic Podcasting!

In this episode: Maria Johnson, Steve Nelson, Jeff Nielsen, Fr. Cory Sticha, Fr. Roderick Vonhögen

Mardi Gras/Carnival celebrations; Catching up in the office; “Spring” Convocations; R2D2 hat and other Star Wars costumes; Ten Years of Catholic Insider and Catholic podcasting!

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  1. Jeff Miller

    Hard to believe it is the 10th podcast anniversary for Fr. Roderick – I wish many more despite his cruel April fools joke.

    Catholic Insider was not the first Catholic podcast I listened to – that was the CatholicCast by Jayson Franklin I believe. Back in the days of iPodderX before iTunes 4.9 added podcasting. Did you know this was originally called “audioblogging”?

    I remember looking for more Catholic podcasts and came across the Catholic Insider. I was rather skeptical about a Dutch priest, but listened to the episode white smoke episode for Pope Benedict XVI once I heard the joy in Fr. Roderick’s voice at the announcement my skepticism wen away. Contrary in a parish I went to at a time the priest discussed the election of Ratzinger as like being in a car wreck – yikes! So have been a constant listener since then.

    Oh regarding part of the show, in the early days of Catholic blogs there was a blog kind of like the mystery shopper, “Mystery Worshipper” or something like that where people would report on various parishes they visited or attended and what they were like. As you can imagine a blog such as this quickly becomes too negative. Still I would like a useful Yelp for Catholic parishes as playing roulette does not usually end well.

  2. Post author
    Lyn Francisco

    With regards to the Mystery Worshipper: I was one of those in the early 2000s. It was fun going into a church and answering the questions each correspondent was given. Of course, ever since I landed a job as an organist/choir director, I stopped participating as a Mystery Worshipper.

    It’s more focussed on Anglo-Catholic / Anglican / Episcopalian services, although there were other Christian denominations that were evaluated as well. I also had the impression that high church Anglo-Catholic smells and bells and chant worship = very very good and Happy Clappy Sacro-Pop Music worship = very very bad. For me, it seemed more lighthearted than anything else, and I noticed that humourous anecdotes were published more often than not, so I’m sure it’s the same now as it was back then: take the reviews with a huge grain of salt. 🙂

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