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  1. daveyinthevalley

    Hi Fr I thank God for a priest like you,, I’m so amazed by your enthusiasm for star wars.

    I’m a Christian singer,songwriter, musician, I
    just completed a song and video inspired by star wars.

    Its called Anakins Son if you do a search online daveyinthevalley Anakins Son you will be able yo view it.

    Like yourself I see so much of God in star wars,, and other films too.

    You know that George Lucas started out working with Fr Payton’s company as a tape op,, his first film with them was about called The Pslams and it stared William Shatner (star trek) ain’t that incredible,, George Lucas is on record saying I made star wars to show that God exists, and the Late Alec Guinness was a devout Catholic it helped steer him through the the hard times he had.
    Keep up the good work and May the force be with you…

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