LT001: Let’s Talk Writing

Have you ever contemplated writing a book? Or do you want to improve your writing skills? In this first episode of our new show, experienced writers and published authors share with you their tips and secrets!

Let’s Talk is based on your contributions and feedback, so join the conversation today.

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  1. Jim Gordon

    Hi. Many thanks for a great first episode on writers and writing. May I suggest that a future episode deals with the subject of the movie industry; has it lost touch with reality? Should it deal with issues like race, social inequality and violence? Or should it play it safe by sticking to escapist fare?

    May I also express my thanks to the Catholic Weekend team and I am looking forward to hearing them again. God speed to you all.

  2. Brian P Mozisek

    Great idea for topic two. I would suggest you look into the night scout foundation for type 1 diabetics and the use of pebble watches and other smart watches to keep on eye on blood sugar and themselves and their kids

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