SQPN proudly presents: Trideo!

Over the years, SQPN has created many different offerings for our community: audio and video productions; conferences and meet-ups; training sessions and workshops, and we recently announced our first SQPN community pilgrimage to Rome in 2017.

But we’ve found that the SQPN name doesn’t sufficiently describe the heart of what we do and what we’re known for—our podcasts and video—even after a decade under this name. So at the start of this fourth quarter of 2016, we have decided to group our all of our productions under a new name: Trideo.

Trideo is short, easy to remember, and easy to pronounce in various languages. You might not be surprised how many people still struggle with the acronym SQPN after all these years!

From now on, you will find links to all our episodes, videos, and shownotes at Trideo.com and we encourage you to follow our new social media channels:




Meanwhile, SQPN isn’t going away, but remains as the umbrella organization encompassing the production work of Trideo as well as any other initiatives and work we do, including maintaining and building the awesome SQPN community that you are all a part of. Any information about our network and other activities will stay at SQPN.com.

It may be easiest to think of it like 20th Century Fox is the umbrella organization (i.e. SQPN) and Fox is the TV network (i.e. Trideo). Or like Alphabet, Inc. and Google, if you prefer.

Of course, nothing will change with regard to your existing podcast subscriptions. Any subscriptions in your podcatcher software will continue to work. In fact we have a new universal feed at http://feeds.sqpn.com/all if you want one place to get every single episode of any podcast we produce.

Once again thank you for your continued support of our mission at SQPN and Trideo. We couldn’t do any of this without you. It is your generous prayers, recommendations to friends, and gifts at SQPN.com/donate that allow us to create new programming and continue to bring you the shows you love.