Geekweek Returns!

Geekweek Returns!

It’s been a while since the most recent episode of Geekweek, but it’s back! Geekweek is Fr. Roderick’s weekly deep dive into all things geek: science, technology, games, movies, books, comics, superheroes and space opera and magical swords. While the geek topics show up in other shows, like the Break, Geekweek is where Fr. Roderick lets loose on the broad topic of geekdom.

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New Episodes

Geekweek: Smart Speakers

In the return of Geekweek, Fr. Roderick talks board games, life on Mars, habitable plants, Star Wars (of course), an HD video of New York City shot in 1993, the TV show 12 Monkeys, and smart speakers.

The Break: Wonder Woman

A review of the movie Wonder Woman, how to deal with a heat wave, “A Movie a Day” booktip, Wonder Woman and the problem of evil, highlights of E3, Fr. Roderick’s wishlist for his next phone.

Secrets of Doctor Who: The Eaters of Light

Hear about the real life mystery surrounding the Ninth Legion of the Roman Army, the special distinction held by the writer of this Doctor Who episode and our recounting of all the great Scottish jokes. Plus Jimmy Akin wearing Pictish face paint.

Secrets of Doctor Who: The Empress of Mars

It’s a rip-roaring adventure on Mars straight out of Edgar Rice Burroughs and featuring the classic Doctor Who villains, the Ice Warriors. Our panel examines the episode within the context of the season, but also in the context of their classic appearances on the show.

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