A Full Slate of New Shows

A Full Slate of New Shows

More Secrets of Doctor Who on the Way

The 10th season of Doctor Who may be over until the Christmas special, but Secrets of Doctor Who is continuing.

Our panel of Jimmy Akin, Dom Bettinelli, and Fr. Cory Sticha will continue to produce new episodes of SDW by covering the whole universe of Doctor Who content. First up on July 17, they’ll be discussing an audio play featuring Peter Davison as the Fifth Doctor. (You can get the audio play to download for just $2.99 online.) After that, they’ll be looking at other seasons of the TV series, books, audio plays, favorite Doctors, episodes, companions, villains, and more. We hope you’ll jump in and enjoy.

New Episodes

Geekweek: Star Trek Discovery and Orville

In this episode: Star Trek Discovery Air Dates announced; a Star Trek-inspired workplace comedy: The Orville trailer; the science of the Mummy; Euro Truck Simulator 2; The Expanse; Star Trek and The Amazon Echo Show.

The Break: Another Mummy

In this episode: furniture shopping; a review of The Mummy; His Dark Materials; The Charlie Gard case and Snap Map downsides.

Secrets of Doctor Who: The Doctor Falls

Jimmy Akin, Fr. Cory Sticha, and Dom Bettinelli discuss and analyze the 12th episode of the 10th Season of Doctor Who entitled “The Doctor Falls.” Cybermen attack! Regenerations amok! Teary goodbyes. This episode has it all as it brings to a conclusion this season of Doctor Who with only the Christmas special left with Peter Capaldi and Steven Moffat. We discuss it all!

The Walk: I Did It My Way

Fr. Roderick shares the most important lesson he learned on the Camino and how it impacts his choices and his plans for the months ahead.

Secrets of Doctor Who: World Enough and Time

Dom Bettinelli, Jimmy Akin, and Fr. Cory Sticha discuss and analyze the 11th and penultimate episode of the 10th Season of Doctor Who entitled “World Enough and Time.” Regenerations, two Masters, Mondasian cybermen, beloved characters in peril with a black hole and time dilation to boot. Showrunner Stephen Moffat pulls out all the stops as he races to the finish of his tenure at Doctor Who.

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