A Sneak Peek at SQPN’s Future

A Sneak Peek at SQPN’s Future

Thank you for your continued support of The Star Quest Production Network, SQPN. For more than 10 years, a vast, world-spanning community of listeners has supported our unique blend of the Catholic faith and pop culture in podcasts and videos through your avid consumption of our recordings, your recommendations to friends, your financial support, and your prayers. That we’ve been doing this for more than a decade is not only a testament to the mission we believe we’ve received from the Holy Spirit, but also to your dedication.

Thank you.

As you may recall, as of January 1, 2018, the two Catholic new media initiatives SQPN and Trideo formalized their status as separate platforms and brands. SQPN continues as the leading Catholic podcasting platform it has been since 2005, and SQPN CEO Fr. Roderick Vonhogen has stepped down to head Trideo.

The Mission

The staff and board of directors of SQPN have been carefully working to plan for the future of the network. We believe that the mission of SQPN continues, that more than ever there is a growing audience seeking out podcasts and other content that bring Faith and Geekdom together in ways that enhance both.

There are lots of Catholics who love pop culture content–Star Wars, Doctor Who, Star Trek, super heroes, and so much more–and enjoy exploring their Christian roots and themes. Likewise, geeky pop culture fandom is enjoying an unprecedented moment in our culture that’s drawing more and more attention.

The Future

SQPN is now planning our future programming, bringing in new programs and hosts to supplement the shows we are continuing. (If you are the host of an independent Catholic podcast whose mission aligns with SQPN’s and who is interested in reaching a broader audience, please contact me at [email protected].)

We also want to ensure that all our shows are top quality, professional productions and we’re building up the infrastructure and workflows to create and deliver those programs to you.

Your continued support is vital and appreciated. Your faith in SQPN is humbly received with gratitude.

We are rebuilding the network on a solid foundation, which takes time to do right. We appreciate your patience with us as we move forward. We look forward to bringing you concrete announcements of new shows in the near future.

Thank you,
Dom Bettinelli
Executive Director of SQPN.

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