SCR036: The Secrets of John Williams

Over the past 50 years, the music of John Williams has been the soundtrack of some of the greatest movies of our time. Dom Bettinelli, Mike Creavey, and Angela Sealana discuss the man and his music and how it is integral to the stories it helped to tell.

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Links for this episode:

  • John Williams on Wikipedia
  • John Williams’ 10 Rules of Success
  • Star Wars (John Williams Is The Man) a cappella tribute medley song – Corey Vidal and Moosebutter
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  • Topics of Discussion:
  • Dom’s memory of John Williams 03:33.4
    Angela’s memories 05:34.4
    Mike’s memories 06:56.1
    The importance of movie music 08:57.9
    John William’s beginning 11:58.6
    Jaws 13:04.3
    Close Encounters of the Third Kind 15:57.8
    Star Wars 18:46.7
    Superman 22:07.3
    Empire Strikes Back 25:46.8
    NBC Nightly News 28:40.7
    The Boston Pops 30:25.9
    Raiders of the Lost Ark 31:48.0
    Feminine Themes 36:16.1
    E.T. 38:46.1
    Olympic Themes 43:40.5
    Empire of the Sun 46:44.1
    Home Alone 49:07.6
    Hook 51:33.4
    Shindler’s List 54:02.1
    Saving Private Ryan  58:00.5
    The Patriot 01:35.5
    Hary Potter 04:19.8
    Catch Me If You Can 08:16.2
    Jurassic Park 12:55.9
    Lincoln 14:38.3
    Phantom Menace 16:57.7
    The Force Awakens 21:56.6
    Rey’s Theme 23:58.0
    The Last Jedi 27:25.9
    Memoirs of a Geisha 36:09.4
    John Williams’ 10 Rules for Success 38:28.7
    John Williams’ Legacy 39:43.1