Can Catholics be Jedi? Saying Mass in Klingon? Saved Zombies? … & More Weird Questions

MYS101: It’s a fifth Friday of the month, so Jimmy Akin is answering more weird questions, including whether Catholics can be Jedi, saying Mass in Klingon, whether zombies can be saved, whether Elves need sacraments, and more.

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Questions from this episode:

  • 02:55 -I was watching a sitcom on one of the major networks. In this episode, a teenage character was trying to win over a girl by pretending to be as religious as she was. The female character had decided to be baptized in a Baptist church and the young man joined her hoping that the gesture would garner her affections. The pastor character dunked both teenagers in the font and recited the proper Trinitarian form. Now even though they were acting on a set, it seems to me that all the necessary requirements were fulfilled for Baptism. Provided the actors had not previously been baptized, would they now be baptized?
  • 07:10 – As sort of an academic exercise among linguists, there’s a hypothetical language, Anglish, created from a Britain isolated from Latin and French influence. What would the Our Father, Hail Mary, and Glory Be sound like if Anglo-Saxon-influenced words were used exclusively in the prayers?
  • 11:11 – Would Tolkien’s Elves, as unfallen humans, require the sacraments?
  • 14:54 – Would a Mass performed in Klingon be invalid or illicit? If it is valid, where can we find a priest who could do that? Could Fr. Hugh be trained to do this?
  • 19:09 – Where did Jesus’s Y chromosome come from?
  • 20:00 – And where did Adam get his Y chromosome? And did Eve have a Y? Could the Y that was withheld from Eve have been preserved and passed down somehow until it was utilized in Jesus, the second Adam?
  • 23:34 – How long did it take to grow your beard and how long is it?
  • 25:32 – Apparently there is a Non-Theistic movement called Jediism that is based on what the Jedi follow. Would it be ok for Catholics to be a part of this even though the “real life Jedi” may not be too quick to admit they are role-players?
  • 28:38 – Can zombies be saved?
  • 30:50 – Are zombies biblical?
  • 34:04 – Does tradition give us any idea if what happened to the saints that rose from the grave and went into the holy city after the crucifixion of our Lord. Did they have incorrupt bodies or glorified bodies? Did they die again? Did they return to the grave? Were they assumed bodily into heaven? Also, is there any record of what the said to people in the Holy City?
  • 37:29 – What is the real point of liturgies where pets are blessed?
  • 38:48 – Suppose you took a single-celled human embryo. You removed the sex chromosomes from this embryo’s DNA and replaced them with chromosomes of the opposite sex. Now the child will grow up to be the opposite sex. What sex will this person be in the Resurrection?
  • 43:12 – In Scripture we read many times that Jesus wept. Yet I can’t think of a single instance to read Jesus laughed. Did he?

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