A message from Dom Bettinelli of Starquest

I need to ask for your help, but first I want to thank you for listening to StarQuest and supporting our mission of exploring the intersection of faith and pop culture.

Over the past five years–since 2018–StarQuest has grown by leaps and bounds, more than at any time in our previous 12 years. With more than a dozen programs and hundreds of thousands of listeners and viewers each month, we are able to bring the Gospel to the world in a unique and entertaining way.

This summer, we marked the 5th anniversary of our most popular show, Jimmy Akin’s Mysterious World, whose success is emblematic of StarQuest’s own growth. The show has grown beyond its beginnings as an audio podcast to include a video version that adds so much more to the experience of the program. This is because we’ve been able to hire the talented video editors at Oasis Studio 7, John and Jessica Beyer, a young couple whose talents have been placed at the service of the Gospel. Your donations make that possible.

We want to bring video to even more of our shows to reach the growing YouTube audience and to bring video to other platforms like Spotify and Rumble. We have plans for even more shows covering areas like sacred art, history, and books, as well as more entertainment franchises whose themes resonate with the truth, goodness, and beauty found in Revelation.

Your gift will make this a reality. If you value StarQuest, we need to hear from you now.

If you’re not yet one of our monthly patrons, please become one. And if you’re already a patron, please consider increasing your monthly donation.

There are many special patron benefits we’d like to give you, and you can learn about them by going to SQPN.com/give and clicking “Become a Patron.”

Your support at this time is crucial. This is because, over time, non-profits like StarQuest need to have new and existing donors step up to provide support that used to be provided by donors who have died or encountered difficulties. That’s why it’s very important that we hear from you.

God bless you, and please go to SQPN.com/give today.