Can You Marry an Alien? (& More Weird Questions)

Can You Marry an Alien? (& More Weird Questions)

MYS291: It’s almost New Years, so Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers Live is asking Jimmy Akin weird questions from listeners, about topics like can you marry an alien; baptizing faeries or unborn babies; what the Soul Gem or the Borg do to your soul; time travel and alternate universes; and more weird questions.

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Questions covered:

  • Baptizing faeries
  • What does Marvel’s Soul Gem do to the eternal fate of a soul?
  • What happens to your soul if the Borg assimilate you?
  • Did Adam and Eve poop?
  • Can you baptize an unborn baby?
  • Is it possible to marry an alien?
  • Would time travel cause an alternate universe?
  • What implications do Deathbed Visions have?
  • Are there an infinite number of past timelines?
  • And more!

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