Marriage After Civilization Is Destroyed (& More Weird Questions)

Marriage After Civilization Is Destroyed (& More Weird Questions)

MYS314: It’s a fifth Friday, so Cy Kellett of Catholic Answers Live is asking Jimmy Akin weird questions from listeners, about topics like getting married after civilization collapses; what is Sh’ol; can Padre Pio still absolve living penitents; and more weird questions.

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Questions asked:

  • 03:21 – Can St. Padre Pio still give absolution?
  • 06:48 – If a faithful Catholic couple who are not yet married (but want to be) were able to find each other, or happened to already be spending time together, during a cyberattack or catastrophic natural disaster that ended modern society as we know it, how would they go about getting married? If they had no way to find a priest, would they just have to wander around the wasteland until they found one? Or could they make their vows in the presence of whatever witnesses they could find?
  • 10:20 – In Psalm 139 in the New American Bible, it says ‘If I ascend to the heavens, you are there; if I lie down in Sheol, you are there too.’ [Psalms 139:8] So, what exactly is Sheol?
  • 21:00 – I heard a priest created a machine allowing him to see the events of the Crucifixion as they happened. Then the Vatican excommunicated him. Is this a true-ish story?
  • 22:23 – Speaking in tongues and resting in the spirit—are they always legit or are they sometimes psychological?
  • 29:24 – Mystics who claim to live without food for years. There are a few in the Catholic tradition but there are also claims of Prahlad Jani, an Indian Hindu. Is it demonic or a hoax?
  • 36:48 – What is your opinion on the concept of Limbo as the eternal home of the souls of unbaptized babies?
  • 42:29 – If they were still around, which human relatives (homo neanderthalensis, homo erectus, homo floresiensis, homo denisova, etc) would we likely be able to baptize if they were so inclined to be received by Christ and His Church?

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