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Let’s Talk is StarQuest’s community podcast, where we discuss the things that matter to you. Whether it’s interesting guests or people from the StarQuest family of podcasters, panelists, and community members, we talk about what’s going on today, yesterday, and tomorrow. Let’s Talk is based on your contributions and feedback, so join the conversation today.

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Recent Episodes

Let’s Talk about Belief in the Real Presence - A new poll says that only a third of US Catholics believe that the Eucharist is the Body, Blood, Soul, and Divinity of Jesus Christ. Fr. Cory Sticha, Pat Scott, and Fr. Michael Gossett talk about those findings, what it means for the Church, and what we can do about it.
Let’s Talk about the Civil War - The Civil War was a defining moment in US history and Dom Bettinelli talks to Dr. Jim Beeghley and Mike Creavey about why it's especially relevant today, what Catholics did during the war, what to consider when visiting Civil War sites, and resources to learn more at home.
Let’s Talk about the History of Spaceflight - As we celebrate 50 years of Apollo 11, Fr. Cory Sticha, Shelly Kelly, and Mac Barron are joined by Scott Pooke from Australia who is a spaceflight historian to talk about both the US and Soviet space programs before and after the moon landing, plus Mac geeks out about Australia.
Let’s Talk about Voyage Comics - Comic books and geek culture are more popular than ever and Voyage Comics is engaging that culture through comic books that tell Christian stories for this audience. Phil Kosloski of Voyage Comics joins Fr. Cory Sticha and Joanne Mercier to discuss his mission and his comic book series, Finnian and the Seven Mountains.
Let’s Talk about Who is Our Neighbor - In this weekend's Gospel, Jesus is asked "Who is my neighbor?" Join Fr. Cory, Pat Scott, and Mac Barron as we discuss the answer Our Lord gave, and how we can live that out in our lives today.

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