1. Apinya (Jam)

    Good evening father Roderic! My name’s Jam, I’m 16 and I’m from Bangkok, Thailand. But now I’m studying in Switzerland. I really love your podcasts, father. First I was surprised,a priest making podcasts about Lord of the Rings and the online game??? Haha, and it is not that bad!! Absolutely fascinating for me. Because personally, I’m a little fan of this trilogy movie. I was still little when I watched the first episode and then I kept watching the following episode until the end. And I just stuck in the world of Middle Earth. When I’m here in Switzerland, it just comes back again, this world and memory. So finally I couldn’t stop thinking about it and decided to buy the first episode book to read. And it’s also, maybe a circumstance that made me found these podcast of yours in iTunes while I’m scrolling along the pages in my computer. Then You’ve finally made me play the game!
    I’ve got to tell you that these podcasts are so amazing and you and your friends have explained so many details that I’ve always been wondering to know =) So please don’t stop yet cause you can be sure that there’ll always be some of the listeners who would like to listen to yours!! At least me :DD
    And I’ve to tell you that you’ve already come in the right way of running your podcasts :)) Just tell us more and more about the secrets that we’ve ever known!! I’ll be very glad :DD
    Thank you for your fantastic podcasts father!!! <3

    PS* I'm going to bed and will prepare listening the ep.7 one more time :DD!! Have a nice summer holiday!!

  2. George

    Hello Father,

    I really enjoy your podcasts. I am a huge fan of Middle Earth and Tolkien, having had The Hobbit read to me at age 3 and then beginning on The Lord of The Rings in 3rd Grade. I have also read The Silmarillion. I am particularly enjoying your episodes on Rivendell. I play a text-based online LOTR game called “Elendor MUSH,” in which I play an elf in Imladris. It is interesting to hear about the history and some descriptions of your game’s take on the landscape. Keep up the good work! I eagerly await the next episode.

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