[VIDEO] Secrets of Middle-earth: The Elves of Rivendell

In this episode we travel to Rivendell and visit the Last Homely House. We talk about the origins and the history of the elves in Middle-earth.

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  1. andy

    hey when u post these videos in ur podcast can u put them in mp4 format
    i use a zune and what ever filetype you uesed zune wont recognize

  2. andy

    if u need a good converter
    a good one to try in the free version is called “any viedo converter”
    it worked well for conveting som movies i have

  3. Galnetdor

    I haven’t read though all the other comments, so someone may have already told you about this but there is another great Lord of the RIngs podcast that really meshes well with yours.

    Its the Tolkien Professor

    He teaches a real collage course on Tolkien and covers in great detail the same sort of subjects and I could not praise his work enough. He’s been known to give interviews to other Lotro podcasters (See ‘Casual Stroll to Morder’ http://www.casualstrolltomordor.com/ for an example. Be very interesting to get both of you on a mic together.

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