1. annamomoko

    It’s my favorite TV show right now! I was hoping that there’s such a “secret of…” podcast exist when I was watching the TV…and now I really find this new podcast! So excited to download them!

  2. decarus

    I think they call the fantasy world the Enchanted Forest in the show though it doesn’t have a name like a country has a name.

  3. Glenn

    Hi Father Roderick 🙂
    I swear I am not stalking you. First the Secrets of Tintin, then the Secrets of Dysney. In fact when I saw this podcast was through SQPN I have to confess that I hoped you weren’t hosting it just in case you might think I was following you round. Silly I know.

    I discovered Once Upon A Time through iMdb. I was looking through the TV series section, then went to you tube and watched the trailer. At first I wasn’t certain of it. Then I hunted for podcasts on the show. I found two others before yours and as I began to listen I decided that I should give the series a go!

    I have now seen the first six. By the end of the pilot I still wasn’t drawn in, but was however interested enough to look at the second episode. I think my reluctance is rooted in the fact that since about June last year I started studying Grimm’s Fairytales very closely with the plan to write a novel that is similar to the TV show. Now I have even ‘Grimm’ to contend with (sigh).

    I am almost certain this idea is a play on Narnia, because if you remember in The Magician’s Nephew, we are told that Digory built the Wardrobe out of a Narnia tree.


    1. Glenn

      Just wanted to say that Regina isn’t Henry’s Stepmother. She is his adoptive mother 🙂

      Yes Father I partially agree regarding the parallel between Eden and Fariyland except Fairy isn’t a perfect world.

      I missed the Red Riding Hood and Granny personae as well, Father.

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