1. decarus

    The Mayor remembers that she is the Evil Queen. She has retained all of her memories of the fairytale world in the real world. She knows everything. The only thing that explains her actions even in the first few episodes is that she knows everything. She knows.

    And that is the premise of the show. This is the Evil Queen’s happily ever after. Everyone has lost their memories, they have lost their lives, they have lost all connection with the people they love, they have lost their happily ever afters and she knows it. That is her happily ever after. She is the only one who retains her memories while everyone else has lost their memories and with that really lost their lives.

  2. Glenn

    HAHA! Yes Robert Kalyle DID pull a Gollum!
    I was analysing Kalyal’s performance. In fairyland (specially in episode 6) it can be described as a mild Joker in the world of Batman.

    Throughout the beginning of this episode, I was watching but not completely engaged, but as soon as Emma took a chainsaw to the Evil Queen’s Apple tree. I said “OK this is enough to encourage me to watch a few more eps.

    I totally agree with decarus. The evil queen knows it’s all happening. I don’t remember Mr. R. saying she will forget as well. I can’t help but think he knows it’s all happening too. Episode 6 confirmed it for me. The smile that played on Mr. Gold’s lips when David sees the windmill, was very telling. And yes the magic word ‘Please’ was a great observation Father 🙂

    Isn’t it obvious that the evil queen hates Snow White because the Mirror, in the fairytale says she she is prettier. What Snow White has taken away from her is her status as the fairest of them all. I guess it depends how strict the writer will stay to the original tale concepts and plots.

    Has anyone wondered what Archie/Jimminy’s dalmatian is? Is the dog anything special or just a homage to the One Hundred and One Dalmatians? 101 Dalmatians is not a fairytale, but neither is The Chronicles of Narnia, which was used. Narnia is fantasy, but not a Fairytale.

    I think it’s interesting (and believe it will become more apparent) that Swan says she has the ability to tell when someone is lying – this is in her skillset. This is why I believe Emma directly asks Regina, in the pilot, if she loves Henry. Regina’s answer is yes, but she knows it’s a lie. I think she would like to believe that she does love Henry, but we have seen what she was able to do to Henry’s name sake, to the one she loves most, to her own father.


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