ONC004: The Price of Gold

ONC004: The Price of Gold

Deborah, David and Fr. Roderick hunt for easter eggs and clues in a long, detailed recap of the Once Upon a Time episode ‘The Price of Gold’. Skip if you don’t like long, detailed recaps 🙂

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  1. decarus

    I have to repeat that the Evil Queen knows in the real world who she is in the fairy tale world. She has full memories. She did not say that she wouldn’t remember in the real world she told Rumpelstiltskin that he wouldn’t remember the deal they made together so she was willing to make the deal with him because she thought he wouldn’t remember. I think she may have been wrong about that in a way, but not completely. I am not sure what Rumpelstiltskin remembers, but i think he knows something about the fairy tale world.

    1. Glenn

      Yes the hosts don’t seem to take note of our input. Even on the catch up part of the OUAT the narrator says “Only one knows the truth.” over pictures of the Evil Queen.

  2. decarus

    Also when the mayor was talking to Emma in the diner she said that she has lived at seven addresses in eight years. Meaning she lived in seven different cities in the last eight years. She didn’t say dresses. She said addresses. We know that Emma lived in Phoenix where Henry was born, Tallahassee for two years where she had some sort of connection because she stayed there for two years instead of one, and also, of course, in Boston where Henry found her. I actually think that Tallahassee will become important possibly the man from Tallahassee is Henry’s father just like it was Locke’s father, but that is just speculation because Henry was born in Phoenix. Who knows.

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