ONC005: Sleeping Beauty and the Swan Brothers

ONC005: Sleeping Beauty and the Swan Brothers

Are Prince James and Prince Thomas related? Why does Emma have a keychain with a star? What is the code name Henry doesn’t want to reveal? Deborah, David and Fr. Roderick share their thoughts!

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  1. Tiffany

    Emma can’t be Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty had already been born. In “The Thing You Love Most”, the Evil Queen states she is the same age Malificent was when Sleeping Beauty got married. Also Emma is the daughter of Snow White and Prince James. Emma’s last name is Swan. I think she is more likely to end up being the “Swan Princess”.

    1. Nina

      Do you think that there is a strong resemblance with Emma and Henry’s relationship compared to grown up Wendy and Peter Pan? Maybe the star represents “Second star to the right and straight on till morning”????

    2. decarus

      I don’t think that Emma is Sleeping beauty either. Sleeping Beauty was already mention by Maleficent from Episode 2, who is the evil witch in the Disney version of Sleeping Beauty. Sleeping Beauty is older then Snow White. She is like the Evil Queen’s age and already exists in the fairy tale world. I really think that Emma is just the daughter of Snow and Charming and that is it. And honestly as a fan of the fairy tales i personally find that interesting in and of itself to sort of see the progeny of one of the famous princesses. I really hope that they leave it at that for who she is.

      I do think that Emma’s story will have fairy tale like elements of course, because this story, the story of the show is Emma’s fairy tale story. I mean the first episode was the story of her birth and her leaving and returning. Like you keep saying she is the savior and the beginning of her story as the child of prophecy who must run from the evil ruler who plans on killing her to then return when they are older is pretty much the story of Jesus’ childhood in the very general sense of it.

      Also when Henry keeps asking what should i call you, what is your codename, i really just think he is just asking if he can call Emma, mom, because he really just wants to call her mom and he thinks she isn’t ready yet. I mean he is adopted and Emma is his mom and he wants her to be his mom for real. He went looking for her just like she has been looking for her parents. In the first episode Emma can’t even say who she is when Mary Margaret asks her when they first meet at the school because she so isn’t ready. And she entirely freaks out when Henry shows up at her door and says he is her son.

      And i really think that is what the fourth episode is about in general that she needs to not run, she needs to stay, and grow up, and make that choice to be part of his life for real and stay for him and fight for him and protect him. And at the end of the episode she says see you tomorrow. And in the next episode when she and the mayor are deciding who is going to go down the mine shaft she says “he’s my son too”. So you can see that progression. She has let Henry in and he has gotten stuck in her head and she wants him to be alright and is staying for him. And it will get there and it will be great when she is ready to have him call her mom for the first time. I mean Henry says it now. He goes this is my mom, but she is still calling the mayor his mom, but there is still progression and it will get there. I really enjoy the story of Emma and Henry and the story of Emma’s fairytale. Sorry i wrote so much. Thanks for the podcast.

    3. Honeybadgerdeegan

      I agree that Emma Swan is not Sleeping Beauty also from the conversation between EQ and Malificent which makes it clear that the Sleeping Beauty event has already occurred. I believe that Emma Swan is representative of “The Six Swans” fairy tale where the sister is the savior of her family who have been turned into swans and she must set them free. However, what does the star mean? Emma wears a star necklace around her neck and blows a wish on her star candle for her 28th birthday. I believe the star is a symbol for a wish come true based on Disney’s coin phrase, “when you wish upon a star…” in that she is the wish come true as the FT world’s savior.

      1. Honeybadgerdeegan

        Even though most of the characters are based on classic fairy tales, the bottom line here is Disney. Obviously Archie’s dog being named Pongo and Aladdin being rumored to make an appearance next spring proves this. This is why I see the star reference so strongly in terms of Disney’s tag line, “when you wish upon a star your dreams come true.”

  2. decarus

    Ha, i like the idea that Ariel could be running the Fish and Chips store. That would be great. She could serve eel as well as octopus because there were those eel guys that followed her around too. Serving flounder though would be a scandal. Good idea. That would be hilarious.

    I still don’t know if animal characters in the real world will be real people in the fairytale world. I know we have Jiminy Cricket who is a man in the real word, but he was also at one point a man in the fairytale world. There is also the mirror who was a mirror and is now a man, but he could have been a man in his past. I mean they could both have been human beings that were spelled and not animals or the mirror first. Need more information. We haven’t had a Mirror episode yet. I am sure that will happen.

  3. Storylover

    I think that Henry refers, when he says that she isn’t ready, to the fact that she isn’t ready to be called mom.. yet..

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