1. Glenn

    Excellent podcast guys – enjoyed this one the most so far.

    I didn’t realise that the poor actor was getting hate mail, like some one said. “It’s not the actor’s fault. He’s doing his job, and very well. It’s the writers who are responsible.

    I liked everyone’s point regarding storybook characters, being messy and real as apposed to fairytale land, where things are just black and white.

    Regarding the book repair I just thought August was putting the paper in a solution like you use in photographs.

    1. Jeffrey Miller

      You comment about the well and you have forgotten that Storybrooke is built over the remains of what was Fairytale land. That is why when Jiminey and Henry were trapped below it was a piece of Snow’s glass coffin that Henry finds. Also, when Regina goes to get the heart she goes underground in the crypt to where the heart chamber still exists exactly as seen in Fairytale land. And when Regina goes to visit Belle she goes to an underground private hospital. Therefore Storybrooke was built over the remains of Fairytale land.

  2. Ariel Wilson

    I wanted to offer more info on future episodes. There are some spoilers in this. Heart of Darkness is another Snow/Charming episode, where he finds her after she can’t remember him. The Stable Boy is a Regina/Snow episode, where we see Regina and Snow younger, and see Regina’s mother. I believe that’s also the one where we learn why Regina hates Snow.

  3. Monique

    I’ve been listening to these podcasts out of order :/ But I’m so glad that there are other people out there who aren’t really thrilled with the character David. To hear he got hate mail is pretty crazy–but it is a compliment in a way since it shows he’s doing his job extremely well.

    Also, ever since the show’s hiatus, I’ve been writing recaps for “Once Upon a Time” for my online job at ShockYa: http://www.shockya.com/news/?s=Once+upon+a+time+recap

    And the World of the Shipper can be like quicksand.

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