STH038: Smaug the Squatter

STH038: Smaug the Squatter

We talk about Benedict Cumberbatch’s voice and motion capture work for Smaug and the Necromancer, explore what we know about Radagast and speculate about Muppets and future Oscar-winning Hobbit songs.

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  1. segovesus

    The Smaug picture made me take my The Hobbit book and look for illustrations there.

    Mine copy was published in 1991:
    It’s the second edition, the first one was published in 1978. So illustration by Jiri Salamoun are an year older than me 🙂 Smaug:

    I remember exactly the moment I bought the book in a near bookshop, it was some kind of “law of attraction” because I hadn’t had any idea in that time who Tolkien was as almost anybody in my country. The Lord of the Rings was prohibited literature in the Czech Republic till 1989.

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