1. kandral

    First of all great production, love it!
    About the dwarves running in the beginning. I don’t think this is the Battle of 5 Armies, but part of a flashback of the Battle of Azanulbizar, which is part of Movie 1 I think. Look at the hair of Thorin Oakenshield, it is all black, no trace of grey, so he is very young… which would make perfect sense. So they are right, it is part of movie one, but not part of the Battle of 5 Armies… it’s a flashback of the Battle of Azanulbizar I think.

  2. Tony Meade

    Hey guys,

    First, I love your show, Fr. Roderick, and I’m happy that we’re getting three movies so that I can listen to you and Dave (and occasionally Inge) do the show for just a little bit longer.

    Second, speaking of food stuffs, I think that Tolkien puts some of that stuff in there as intentional anachronisms. For example, tomatoes, potatoes, and tobacco are all indigenous to the Americas, and tea is indignenous to India and Southeast Asia. As a medievalist, Tolkien would have known all of this. I think he puts that stuff in there to make the world of the Shire generally, and Bag End specifically, seem very familiar and homey. Both “The Hobbit” and “The Lord of the Rings” are both told from a hobbit’s-eye view, so making their food familiar helps us as modern Big People to identify with them.


    1. Post author

      I made the remark because I know Tolkien deliberately puts in non-European foods, but only when they are very ‘British’. If I think Shire, I think mushrooms, carrots, onions, taters, leek, and other very British fruits and vegetables. I cannot recall Tolkien ever mentioning tomatoes and they don’t strike me as a ‘British’ vegetable either, hence my surprise seeing them on the table.

      1. Saruman Ofmanycolors

        But everyone likes a B.L.T. sandwich, right? It sounds like the perfect hobbit food…with lots of “crispy bacon” !!

  3. Dedric H.

    Fr. Roderick, I don’t know how you can be so dismissive of the possibility of the Battle of Azanulzibar being portrayed. You mentioned that you think it would be confusing, but I think having that battle near the beginning of the movie is EXACTLY the same kind of technique that PJ used with the Battle of the Last Alliance in FotR. In fact, opening with the frame of Bilbo would allow him to use a “Galadriel-esque” type narrative about the history of the dwarves and orcs animosity. It always seems as if you come off as if you have some real knowledge of what will actually be in the film, whereas there is ample evidence from Peter Jackson’s previous filmwork on this subject to prove that it is NOT confusing, but actually thematically appropriate. Not only that, in several other instances, you’ve actually pointed to things that Peter Jackson has done in the previous films as evidence to support your theories on other points. If you have knowledge of the script or what’s actually been filmed, then please continue, but if you don’t, then perhaps backing away from having such a strong response to your co-hosts, in this episode, being Inge.

    1. Adam

      I have to agree with kandral and Dedric wholeheartedly. Other than adding a +1 to Dedric, I would add that I think the dwarves we are seeing armoured are either azanulbizar, or possibly related to the attack on Erebor, perhaps teasing out a bit more of the revenge element. I think it is very unlikely these are battle of five armies related.

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