1. Brent Sprinkle

    Maybe the boat in the background you were discussing might have something to do with the drowning of Drogo Baggins as he has been cast for the movie according to most sources.

  2. Dedric H.

    First, thanks for reading my reply! I certainly did not intend for it to be read, but I commend you on not abbreviating it or dodging it, though not even I would have considered it a dodge to leave it out of the podcast. I just wanted to explain that my comment was more a protection for Inge than a slight toward you, Fr. Roderick. I stand by my comments – you use the same reasoning to support your theory that something won’t appear as you do later on to support something you do think will appear, but as you mentioned, that’s well within your scope! I’m not trying to take the edge off! I simply thought that you were a bit dismissive toward Inge (I listened to it twice – once mowing the lawn for the first time and a second time just to make sure I wasn’t blowing things out of proportion) which came off a little rude, especially in light of your later theories I previously mentioned. That’s all. If she’s fine with it, then there’s nothing for you to worry about, because I’m sure she doesn’t need listeners sticking up for her if she’s aware of it!

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