1. Tammy Leonard

    The picture on the wall of the mystery man’s apt. that has a red hand is a print-“Control & Capital”- done by Aesthetic Apparatus,published March 15,2011.It is suppose to symbolize the support against child soldiers. You can view this art by typing google…aestheticapparatus/control & capital.

    1. Angela Sealana

      Wow, that would be a great argument for this guy being Peter Pan. (I’m thinking Lost Boys.)

  2. Angela Sealana

    One other thought as I listen to the podcast… I thought the note saying, “Broken” referred to the curse, not the clock in Storybrooke, because the clock is working now. I think Gold or even Whale sent the carrier pigeon.

    1. Maureen P.

      I agree–the word “broken” on the postcard must refer to the curse.

      Someone within Storybrook sent the postcard. Obviously, this is important enough information to send to this man in New York, but why? And is he good, or evil? In episode 2, season 1, Regina promised ‘happiness’ to the evil beings she demanded hair from, to complete her evil spell. With the exception of Mr. Gold, we haven’t seen them–or else, they are unrecognizable in Storybrook.

      Maybe Regina sent the message. To whom would the message ‘the curse has been broken’ be vital information? And will he be traveling to a little town in Maine anytime soon?

  3. Gilles

    I haven’t listen to the podcast yet. I just wanted to say I’m glad it’s back, because listening to your analysis was, for me, a huge part of the appeal of the show.

  4. Yvette

    Just finished the show, and thoroughly enjoyed it! Boy, do I miss my weekly dose of Secret of Once Upon A Time!
    I just want to mention one thing, the literal translation of Mulan in Chinese is Wood Orchid. Or it might also refer to the flower Magnolia.
    Keep up the good work, can’t wait to the next episode!

  5. Paul

    Some of us have been speculating that instead of a Pax Romana, we may see a “Pax Henrici”. Do you think Henry’s demand that Regina “leave everyone alone” will actually restrain her evil actions for a while and possibly even force her to reluctantly help rescue Snow and Emma in order to gain Henry’s forgiveness? Will Belle have the same effect on Rumple? If both Regina and Rumple are constrained by an uncomfortable truce, doesn’t that suggest that a new enemy may appear which will then force an uneasy alliance between all the old foes? I think that would be an interesting way to see the characters in a new situation!

    Love the podcast!

  6. Gilles

    I was thinking of the shoe tree hanging by the window in the stranger’s apartment, and the poster with a red hand beside it. It ocured to me that red is the colour of ruby – ruby slippers. This led me to read the article on L. Frank Baum on Wikipedia, and a number of the items in the room would seem to fit.

    First off, before he became a writer, he owned a store called “Baum’s Bazar”. He composed a number of musical theater plays (hence the stereo and records in the room). His character of Tiktok of Oz is said by literary analysts to predict wireless communication (hence the old telephone). Baum wrote a number of books under a female nom-de-plume, and had strong sympathies for the suffragette movement, which could explain the female, rather than male, trophy.

    The dream-catcher has a double significance. The movie depicts Oz as a dreamland. And, to quote Wikipedia, ” Baum urged the wholesale extermination of all America’s native peoples in a column he wrote on December 20, 1890.

    Here’s another direct quote from Wikipedia: “Most notably, in The Emerald City of Oz he attempted to end the series on the basis of a letter he had claimed to have received from Dorothy Gale, the main character. In the following book, The Patchwork Girl of Oz, he explained that after some difficulty he had re-established communication with the characters by wireless telegraph”

    The clincher for me is the title of one of his books: “The Wishing Horse of Oz”. (Plus, Dorothy and friends are driven to th Wizard in a horse-drawn carriage in the movie.)

    I think the stranger is definitely from the land of Oz. He probably is the Wizard, since the Wizard came from our world and was not really a magical being, but he could also be the scarecrow of the tin-woodsman.

  7. Monique

    I’m really loving the new season of “Once Upon A Time!” I’m especially glad that the curse is still broken; I was hoping this season wasn’t going to be a retcon or a “gotcha” of some type. I can’t wait to see more of Mulan and how Lancelot fits into the story!

  8. Melanie

    Glad the show and podcast are back.
    I’m thinking that those in Fairy Tale Land woke up when Emma became deputy sheriff. The earthquake at this time is the reason why I think this could be so. This is also when we first found out that there was a ruined Fairy Tale Land.

  9. Maureen Puccini

    I’m new. I am working my way through the season 1 DVD, and watching season 2 at the same time.

    Henry kept saying Emma was going to “bring back the happy endings”, but that’s not quite what Rumple told the Charmings.

    “Your prison will be time. No more happy endings. The infant is our only hope. She will return on her 28th birthday and the final battle will begin!”

  10. Maureen Puccini

    When Regina went to visit Rumple in prison, (episode 2) he told her,

    “Nothing can stop the darkness except their unborn child.
    All curses can be broken. Their child is the key”

    So Regina didn’t know if the child was male or female, or any details.
    Rumple left her in the dark. (By the way, did anyone else suddenly wake up and marvel that Rumple knows everything about the future except Emma’s name?)

    In slow motion, Emma was breaking the curse all last season.

  11. Maureen Puccini

    In season 1, episode 1 when Rumple says to the Charmings,

    “The child will return on her 28th birthday, and the final battle will begin!”

    “The final battle of good and evil” I presume, but why does Rumple sound so excited? He’s evil, and stands a good chance of losing forever, doesn’t he?

    I also think that if Rumple’s son is in our world, he would want to use Emma to find him. (Pity she was sucked through the hat into the other realm! She’s probably the only one who can now cross Storybrook’s boundary and not be effected. Her earthly identity is the only one she has ever known–Hey, that’s also true of Henry!)

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