1. Kat

    The curse originally is established so you loose what you value most. So, what did Rumpelstiltskin loose? He had his memories. He still had power over people. The curse seems to be established for his personal benefit. Magic, however, comes with a price. So, the boundary causing memory loss is created in order for Rumple to not obtain what he values most.

    1. xqueenfrostine

      That was my interpretation as well. I think the new boundaries are either the “price” of Gold releasing magic into our world (maybe it’s the universe’s way of quarantining the unnatural, foreign force that invaded a world where it didn’t belong) or part of the price exacted by the curse that sent everyone to Storybrooke. Rumple obviously set up the curse in such a way in that he was counting on other people to enact it and pay the price of magic for him, but given that it was his hand that pulled everything together, it makes sense that there would be a price for him to pay here too.

  2. Em

    I have a theory that Dr. Whale is the Big Bad Wolf. I get this from his behavior towards women…very wolf-like (as in wolf whistle). In this episode we saw him ask about dating the fairies/nuns (ha ha) and we’ve seen him chase after Red and Mary Margaret, as well. I know we saw Red as being the wolf in her story, but what about other stories, like The Three Little Pigs? Just a thought!

  3. Melissa

    August could leave storybrooke because he came through before the curse was enacted. Thats why he was able to leave. Also great podcast 🙂

  4. Timespacer

    You asked int the podcast if Regina could redeem herself or if someone else (probably Henry) would have to redeem her. But by making the sacrifice of eating the poisoned turnover, going home with her, and by imploring Emma to save Regina’s life, hasn’t Henry already done his part to redeem her? Is she now at a point where she can begin the rest of the long path to redemption herself or will she still need a lot of help?

  5. Chloe

    look again at Regina’s necklace more closely,it’s a tree with leaves and I rescued it has two meaning nature and family.

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