1. Duke of Earl Grey

    Concerning the question of why would Legolas or any Mirkwood elves save the dwarves from spiders, the Hobbit narrator says it pretty plainly, “These are not wicked folk.” Elves may have no love of Dwarves, and even an especial mistrust of them, but I don’t see how they would leave anyone to be eaten by giant spiders if they could stop them, even if the dungeons are the next stop for the victims they just saved. “Still elves they were and remain, and that is Good People.”

    That said, it won’t necessarily bother me if Legolas and Tauriel show up to help finish off the spiders before putting the dwarves immediately into prison, as it would help condense the story, and give these elf characters a good introduction. But I will be upset if Bilbo’s role in the rescue and then drawing off the spiders is diminished by making this kind of change.

  2. Ben VB

    I suspect any Bolg-Azog reunion would be less than joyful—I’m having trouble picturing an Orc being upset over anyone’s death, let alone being actually happy over anything other than killing.

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