ONC030: Child of the Moon

ONC030: Child of the Moon

Is Spencer going to be the new Storybrooke villain? What are the consequences of Henry being able to control his dream? Is he opening up a new portal? We talk about this and more in our analysis of episode 7 of season 2, ‘Child of the Moon’.

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  1. Gilles

    In the podcast, you speculate, once again, that the wizard who made the hood was Rumple. However, in the second or third episode this season, when Belle is captured by her father, and Mr. Gold and David are looking for her, isn’t Mr. Gold surprised that Ruby is part wolf? If he made the hood, surely he knew who it was for, and would remember.

    1. Inge

      I am still wondering how Spencer got the hood. If Mr. Gold never had it, where did it go? Did Spencer have it the whole time? How and why?

  2. Nancy (USA - Arkansas)

    Have we learned the identity of Charming/David’s father? In the second season David has assumed more of a leadership role that in fairy tales might indicate noble birth. I apologize for the “Star Wars” reference, but could Spencer actually be David’s biological father? Could there have been a Rumplestiltskin bargain with a poor widow desiring a son? Of course David, along with Mary Margaret, rid the kingdom of a tyrant. Deposing a tyrant king would go a long way towards establishing David’s legitimacy to rule in the hearts of the people. There are many precedents in fairy tales of a person from a “commoner” background rising through merit to become a ruler. In the Old Testament the prophet recognizes and anoints a young shepherd boy as a future king even before he accomplishes any noteworthy deeds. His name was, “David” also.

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