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  1. Posterguy

    Hello. I’ve enjoyed all the Secrets of the Hobbit over the last few months as I got caught up on them via iTunes.
    I’m finally up to your latest cast and you considered how the first Hobbit movie could end on such a boring note at Out of the Frying Pan.
    Not boring at all. Epic character and foreshadowing moment. This last scene came full-grown to me one evening.
    Scene: The trees are on fire, all is lost, Gandalf is about to jump down amidst the wolves and orcs in a last-ditch attack, when the eagles swoop down from above and snatch all to the air. Bilbo hangs on for dear life as the world sways and swoops around him.
    His last waking moment is of the eagle’s aerie approaching as the last of his strength fails and he drops with scream…to hit the aerie in a faint.
    Bilbo dreams. He dreams of Hobbiton and Bag End. Of friendly Hobbits and food and merriment. But he notices the ring in his pocket and the dream changes. He is now back in a black place and his view sails up into the air and in the distance is the Lonely Mountain. His dream self flies toward the mountainside and through and through a dark tunnel. Smoke and haze flows past as, at last, a golden-red glow grows.
    His dream motion slows to a stop with a scaly surface before him. Snap opens the dragon’s eye, looking remarkably like Sauron’s, as a blast of piercing light blinds Bilbo and we wakes in a sweat.
    He is on the aerie seeing the dawn light with the shapes of sleeping dwarves around him. At the edge of the precipice stands Gandalf next to Gwaihir, the king of eagles. Gandalf notices Bilbo is awake and calls him over.
    Bilbo rises and steps gingerly to the edge. “Good morning, my good fellow,” says Gandalf. “Come look on a sight you’ll not see again, I warrant.”
    Bilbo steps near Gandalf who puts a friendly hand on his shoulder.
    Awestruck, Bilbo gazes out to see the dark and grim Mirkwood stretching off into the distance. Far far away, nearly out of range of his sharp Hobbit eyes, is the glint of water, the long lake, and a bit farther than that is the sun-lit, fang-like, tip of the Lonely Mountain. Bilbo quietly reaches into his pocket and is somewhat, but not entirely comforted, by the ring.
    End Scene.
    Again, thanks for all your podcast episodes. Looking forward to the few more that will be coming before the release of the Hobbit in theaters.

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