1. Valentino

    I think that we actually DO get to see Thrain. In one scene, Thror’s sitting on his throne while the voice-over Bilbo says something about his son (a shot of a dwarf approaching the throne) and grandson (a shot of Thorin standing next to the throne). Isn’t the dwarf approaching the throne supposed to be Thrain? Or am I mistaken? I guess I have to watch really closely next time!

    1. Andrew

      You are correct Valentino. We do get to see a vision of Thrain walking towards the throne with Thror on the throne.

      Awesome podcast and as a huge fan have loved to hear the insightful discussion. Going to see it for a third time!

  2. Feorhund

    I’m surprised you thought Ian Holm looked younger. I thought he was very much showing his age despite the cgi smoothing. A big part of it may have been his acting also. He seemed to lose the pep that he had in Fellowship. I had just watched the beginning of Fellowship right before I saw the film, so it was fresh on my mind how he looked and performed. But I thought he still did a great job.

    Also, I believe we got our first glimpse of Dáin in a certain flashback scene. I think he was the one with a Mohawk, as Billy Conelly said he would have.

    1. Fr. Roderick

      Good point, Ian Holmes’ voice seemed to have les energy than in Fellowship of the Ring. However, perhaps this was done on purpose, because he is on the verge of saying goodbye to his life in the Shire. It’s a bittersweet time for him.

  3. Phillip

    I picked up too that we do see Thrain very briefly in that scene. What I also saw was that he has only one eye or is wearing an eye patch. This fits in with the description of Thrain given in the LOTR Appendices except that he received that wound at the Battle of Azunulbazar.
    The whole frame story of Bilbo writing his memoirs is consistent with the Extended edition of Fellowship whereas in the Cinematic version we only get to see Frodo waiting for Gandalf to arrive in the woods.
    My final comment is about the elvish rings. We do get to see Galadrial’s ring but only in the Extended Edition of FOTR and we DO see Galdalf’s ring but only at the Grey Havens in ROTK. The funny thing is that the movie makers seem to have mixed up the rings. Gandalf is wearing the ring that Gilgalad is wearing in the opening scene in the FOTR prologue. You can just tell the two male hands because of the sleeve colour. Gandalf ring was passed to him from Cirdan not Gilgalad. I am surprised the film makers let that one slip by.

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