[VIDEO] Secrets of Middle-earth #25

In this special Christmas episode, we visit the town of Frostbluff and talk about Tolkien’s letters from Father Christmas and their influence on the creation of Middle-earth.

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  1. Michael Keen

    I thought this was a great episode about Frost Bluff especially around the time of Christmas. You had talked about the stories that Tolkien had written about Father Christmas also known as Santa Claus those were really exciting. I just think these shows that Father Roderick and others do about Secrets of Middle Earth are just fantastic they are great to listen to and also are educational as well. Having professors that study about Tolkien come in and give information about him is just great. I’d give this show a five star rating. Love it and enjoy listening to it. Thank you for putting these episodes out there Father Roderick and Inge and Laura and rest of you that help with these episodes. Thanks a million!!!!!

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