1. Harm

    Dear father, Inge and Dave. First of all: thanks for your wonderful podcasts about the Hobbit. I really look forward to every show. I have an question about a puzzling moment in de movie. It’s when the company arrives at the burned down farmer house and Gandalf asks Thorin twice if he did tell anyone about their journey. It’s a very suspicious dialog. I wonder if Nori has something to do with it. Because he likes gambling and he’s known to do illegal things. Maybe he gambled with someone if Thorin would have success in defeating the dragon. Of course that ‘someone’ cannot be trusted. I wonder what you think of the dialog.

      1. JJK

        I was wondering about that also Harm. Gandalf did seem a bit over zealous in his repeated question to Thorin. I could not think of why he would be asking such a question in the first place. I like your thoughts about this, but not sure if it will be answered in next movie or the third.

  2. Domenico Bettinelli

    I’m just getting around to listening to these great episodes. One thing that you all didn’t mention that I think was significant was Jackson’s change to Bilbo’s motivation for sprinting after the dwarves that first morning. In the book, he’s content to sit back and let the quest go on without him until Gandalf shows up and propels him out the door, while in the movie, the motivation comes from within and he sends himself on the adventure. I think that’s a significant difference in the character.

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