1. walt

    I had a thought about the Orc/Warg chase and it’s purpose. It seemed to me the chase had less to do with Radagast and hid bunny sled but was more of a plot device to get Thorin into Rivendell which had to happen. The story had already established he would not venture there or seek any aid of the Elves. This sequence gave an unwitting excuse for Thorin to end up in Rivendell and cover for Gandalf in outright thwarting Thorin’s desires on this matter.

      1. walt

        Could be that too. It doesn’t look like there is a story being told in that chase but I think the story is Thorin arrives in Rivendell allowing for Elrond’s aid. Something Thorin would not have sought out or have received otherwise.

  2. Tuor son of Huor

    The great thing is, by the time this review of the first film is finished it will be time to go and watch the second!

  3. Realik

    So i love the show. thanks so much for it. A few things i would like to say however.

    1. I love radagast in this film, and i think he works well. Your comments how he would not have the birds on him and be silly cause he is a Istari is unfounded. Why? Dose it say that the Istari can not be “silly” or “odd”, Olórin messes around with fireworks and little folk 😛

    2. It is the Witch King in the movie. They make it clear, he gets the blade from him, and they say the blade is that his. It is clear in the film it is the witch king of agmar.

    3. Olórin knew it was Saruon, as did they all. however, saruman is the cheif of the order. They did not want to cross him. And there was hints he was not totally being honest. And so, it is not that they do not know, but they can not speak too strongly against Saruman…who is wanting the ring for himself and is plotting.

    1. Harm

      I agree about Radagast. I once saw a movie where the hero had to take counsel from a very wise monk in Tibet. When he eventually found his counselor, the old wise monk was looking interestingly at something yellow he took out of his nose. I don’t remember if he eat it too, but my point is that it disgusted me, but also gave me the insight that this hero allready had something to learn from this wise monk. Namely that wisdom is something that resides in the inside and not from the outside. And that the hero needed to free himself of the appearance of the wise monk so he could recieve the wise words he was searching for. Often people get fooled by the outside. A great example is Jezus, the son of God who appeared as a local carpenter. And you’re right; Gandalf appears as an old man who likes to smoke. Saruman on the other hand looks majestic. He is the one you want to follow, right?? I hope that Radagast will put some fireworks of his own in the next movie and joins the fight against the necromancer. So people will think: ,,Whow, he’s not as Gandalf after all, but a really strong wizard, like Saruman!!” I just love fireworks. 😀

  4. Ron of the Redwoods

    Am I the only person who wanted to see a glowing Orcrist and Glamdring?

    I know it makes continuity problems, but so does Gandalf losing his staff and sword at Orthanc (no he didn’t have it when he did his swan dive off of Orthanc)
    just sayin…
    also, my daughter said “Radagast should have slowed down a bit and maybe went in another direction instead of outrunning the wargs so much”

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