1. Harm

    Thanks for the good work. I look forward to your next Hobbit gossip podcast. I want to comment on Thorins motive at the end. My own thoughts was: who, they are trapped and Gandalf can do nothing because he had Ori and Dori clung to his staff. O wow, Thorin knows they are trapped and that Azog especially wants him, he’s gonna do the desperate charge with his oaken shield. Of course he knows he probably will be killed when he bumbs into the white furry throne of Azog. But then, he will have fought. So I didn’t feel his first motive was revenge.

  2. Tony Meade

    Hey Fr. Roderick,

    This is slightly off-topic, but do I remember you menitoning on one of the previous “Secrets Of The Hobbit” episodes that you were planning a new “Secrets Of Star Wars” podcast with the announcement of the new movies? If so, and in light of the announcement of J.J. Abrams being the director of Episode VII, when are you planning to start that new podcast?


  3. Feorhund

    In defense of my being one who thought it would have been nice to have Bilbo’s finding of the ring mirror the FOTR shot, the reason I wanted it to mirror the FOTR was to bridge the two Bilbo actors through a common scene that both of them filmed. I’m not one to nitpick continuity (except for that horrible Old Bilbo wig! ;p ), but this would have been a nice way to connect the two performances. I still don’t see why it couldn’t have been done in the same way, or a similar way. There is no technical reason why that short shot couldn’t have been replicated in a longer scene. All they would have had to do was have him crawl around after watching Gollum knock out the goblin and have his hand grab the ring, rather than seeing it glisten on the ground by the light of Sting. And I don’t think you can really make the case that this is the “true” version of Bilbo finding the ring as there is no real difference in Bilbo’s attitude towards the ring in the new version. There would be no reason for him to lie about that particular aspect.
    As I said before, it didn’t ruin the film at all, it was just something I thought Jackson would do as he seems like such a perfectionist.

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