ONC034: The Outsider

ONC034: The Outsider

How can Belle still see good in Rumplestiltskin after learning that he killed his wife in cold blood? Did Emma do the right thing giving Pungo to Henry? We discuss these questions and more in this episode.

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  1. James

    I’m not sure Peter Pan will appear in the show. Unless I’m wrong, the Evil Queen’s curse sent a large amount of fairy tale creatures to Storybrook, but not all of them. For example, Cora, Captain Hook, Mulan, etc. were not sent to StoryBrook.

    Lets assume that Captain Hook and Peter Pan inhabit the same area in the fairy tale world. Then we can assume that Peter Pan, like Captain Hook, was not sent to Storybrook. The only way Peter Pan will enter Storybrook is if he chases Hook there, or Hook goes back, etc. So there should not be any Storybrook character that is the earth version of Peter Pan.

  2. Maii

    Hook is not a bad guy, he’s made bad decisions but he’s not bad deep down..He’s just hearbroken you can see it in this episode “Rip my heart like you did Milah” he couldn’t burn the shawl because Milah made it, he’s hurting, alot..and if you notice it he wanted to die at the end (he got his revenge, Rumple lost Belle), the little smile he says after “do your worst”, then he jumps in front of the car. Hook could have easily killed her many times during the episode and yet he didn’t.. (Reminder that Rumple Murdered Milah first change he got)..

    and i don’t get how Belle could be all it’s okay honey I love you after basically seeing Rumple beat Hook almost to death, and then finding out how Milah died..It was like really? And Hook is the one with the rotten heart?

    Of course he could have fought back…but he felt like he deserved the beating, because thanks to him Milah is dead.. He obviously blames himself for Milah dying..

    btw they aren’t killing hook, they’re not setting up the entire thing with Emma for nothing (they have 32 parallels with Snowing)

    Hook has A LOT of fans, lots of people love him (including the writers, media,fans) check tumblr (and the captain swan tag) to see what I mean =)

    I feel like everyone just takes “Poor Rumples” side and i’m like the guy has murdered a lot of people in cold blood, manipulated everyone, turning people into rats, treated belle like a child, basically brought the curse, he is still completely evil (hello next episode he even threatens henry) and basically everything is forgiven “in the name of Rumbelle” and yet Hook is the bad guy?

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