ONC044: Second Star To The Right

ONC044: Second Star To The Right

In this episode: Where is Peter Pan? Why do we only see his shadow? Did Wendy Darling start the ‘Home Office’? What is Baelfire going to do in Neverland? Listen to our theories and speculations.

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  1. Heather

    Just some speculation that I don’t think anyone else has touched on. It related to the Seer’s prophecy about a young boy (Henry) being Rumplestiltskin’s “undoing.” I think that Rumple is mis-interpreting what the word “undoing” means. I think that while the word until this point has been interpreted as something that will kill Rumple, but I think “undoing” means that Henry will become a weakness for Rumple and will “undo” his evil side… in other words, “undo” him as the Dark One. I think the “undoing” will be a good thing! (…if he doesn’t kill Henry first!)

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