ONC045: Straight On till Morning, Part 1

ONC045: Straight On till Morning, Part 1

In this episode: Who are the Lost Ones? Why do both Hook and Rumple seem to change heart? Why don’t Greg and Tamara care who they work for? We ponder these questions and more in the first part of our season’s finale discussion.

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  1. Kim Landwehr

    I have a theory on why they were burning the papers. The papers were about Storybook, but they were not from Storybook, so when Storybook was destroyed, the papers would still be there. Telling anyone who found them about the existence of Storybook and of magic. Since both Tamara and Glenn and whom ever they work for want to destroy all magic, they couldn’t have any record of Storybooks existence surviving.

  2. Joan

    I really liked this season finale. I loved that:
    1) Emma called Snow and Charming mom and dad.
    2) Regina finally had a true moment of redemption – willing to sacrifice herself in order to save Henry and thereby the whole town.
    3) I didn’t expect that Peter Pan would be looking for Henry
    4) all of Henry’s family on Hook’s ship and on their way to Neverland in order to save Henry.
    5) Belle got her memories back

    This episode has got me excited again about S3 and I hope the fact that all the core characters left on Hooks ship to go to Neverland that this means the show will focus more on them – and especially the Charmings – I admit Emma, Snow and Charming are my favourite characters and it was their story that got me hooked on the show in the first place so I’m really looking forward to S3.

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