ONC046: Straight On till Morning, part 2

ONC046: Straight On till Morning, part 2

In this episode: It’s all about family! Did Regina redeem herself? Did Hook really love Baelfire as Milah’s son? Who is ‘He’? Peter Pan? Pied Piper? Listen to our theories and speculations.

Watch the Once Upon A Time in Wonderland teaser we discussed in the show here:

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  1. Bhuwan

    The last two episodes turned out to be the best one of the season 2, in fact they were better than the season 1 finale episodes too. The unanswered questions will remain to keep the fans guessing and speculating.

    We can expect an episode or two in the season 3 to give a background story of Tamara, her rise from a small insignificant character to one of the key villain was quiet dramatic and very well executed.

    It would be critical to explain not just her background but also the modus operandi in the next season. Also it would be interesting to know how Tamara and Greg met up and planned this whole thing to destroy the Storybrooke.

    I think the decision to kidnap Henri was communicated to Tamara at the last moment when their plan to destroy the storybrooke was about to fail. If it was their ultimate objective, they had the opportunity to do so without going to such extreme.

    Could Tamara be Wendy Darlings’s grand-daughter who is cynical about the stories about magic and Never Land she had heard from her grand-mother and looking for an opportunity to break the myth one and for all. She may have also got intrigues by the opportunity to go to Never Land and meet her grand-mother (time is frozen in Never Land).

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