ONC047: The Heart of the Truest Believer

ONC047: The Heart of the Truest Believer

In this episode: Do you believe in magic? In yourself? In your family? In each other? That’s a tough question for all characters. Plus, we talk about the Home Office, mermaids, and speculate about Rumple’s mysterious doll.

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  1. Alana

    I really love Once Upon A Time and your podcast, but with this first episode ‘The heart of the truest believer’ I feel Hook was a major character with his interactions with Emma. But you didnt really discuss hook in detail in your podcast, I was just wandering what are your thoughts on him and where do you think he’ll end up at the end of the season?

  2. Aleana

    I love both episodes I love that Henry is so much like Regina and Snow and I thinks it’s funny that the two people Henry is most like is the two people who hate each other well Regina hates Snow I think Snow just resent her loved the fight between Snow and Regina and I hope we get to see them talk about everything that happen between them I like that Snow and Charming trying to be parents to Emma but sometimes I’m at point where I want them to stop trying I know Emma grew up alone and without hope but in Lady of The Lake she saw what her parents gave up for her and I thought this is a start of her forgiving her parents as much am I a Regina!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! fan I would blame her and Rumple more then her parents This is why when I read the tweet that one of the women might get pregant I’m hoping it’s Snow because I want to see Snow and Charming raise a child I like that Henry is seperate from the group because I want to see what Henry can do on his own one things I didn’t like in both seasons is Henry having anything to do but give advice or sent away for protection I’m not a Emma and Hook shippers I do think they have nice chemistry and they are kinda kindred spirits just like I see that with Nealfire and Mulan I’m more of Regina and Hook shipper to me they have more in common I thought the new Robin Hood was okay he wasn’t my first choice but I give him a chance I like the Belle and Rumple scenes but I want Belle to do more then be the person to remind Rumple that he can be a good man hope in second half Belle has more to do I want Rumple to believe in hisself hope we found out why he doesn’t and I know it have something to do with his father I found it bit funny that everyone has parents issues The actor who plays Peter Pan aka Robbie Kay is amazing but I do wonder is Peter Pan is just going to play mind games with just Emma and Henry I’m not going to like that Charming is going to keep the secret of him being poison from everyone.

    I don’t know if I ask this question do you ever wonder if they do a What if episode look forward to listening to your podcast

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