ONC067: Snow Drifts & There’s No Place Like Home

ONC067: Snow Drifts & There’s No Place Like Home

In this episode we analyze season 3’s finale which was full of surprises! Were we happy with the reveal of the baby’s name? What did you think of the reveal? Do you like where we are going next season?

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  1. joan

    hello, I absolutely LOVED this finale! Emma has always been my favorite character on Once and so I was so happy to see the finale focus on her! I pretty much loved everything – I thought Jennifer Morrison knocked it out of the park in these episodes – I loved all her reactions to everyone in the Enchanted Forest, especially when she saw Rumplestilskin it was just brilliant. It was great to see Emma finally embrace her family and realize that her family is home. I am a CaptainSwan shipper and so I loved their kiss at the end – again an excellent payoff for the season. Loved seeing Red back – I really like seeing her friendship with Snow.

  2. Jan

    I’ve just finished my DVR recordings of the 2nd half of the season. I’ve watched them all over the last week. In the finale, I loved everything except the last scene. I was very disappointed that Regina’s budding happiness was cruelly taken away. I was enjoying Regina as part of the family and embracing light magic.

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