SSW013: Why Daisy Ridley’s character might be Luke Skywalker’s Padawan

SSW013: Why Daisy Ridley’s character might be Luke Skywalker’s Padawan

Dom and Fr. Roderick discuss the news about the first phase of Star Wars filming in Abu Dhabi and analyze the implications of recent facts, photos and other information for the storyline of Episode VII.

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  1. militant marker

    Great podcast as always guys! I tend to let the official press release from the studio do some of the speculation work for me, because they always tell you who the leads are off the bat. The official cast press release from (Star John Boyega is listed first, which makes him the lead, Daisy is second which makes her co-lead, Adam Driver etc etc. The story seems to be centering around John, Daisy and Adam in this trilogy based off of casting calls and other things we’ve put together with the news we’ve all been getting. Then you look at the next list with the veteran cast Harrison Ford is first (speculation was he has a big role in the movie), Carrie Fisher next, Mark Hamill (possibly an Obi Wan type role like in Ep. 4) possibly with less screen time as the formers. For some reason I think Oscar Issac and Andy Serkis will be the new Han and Chewie in this trilogy. Anyways, keep up the good work and you guys should start taking voicemails!

  2. Mark

    I think the TV show “Believe”…..produced by Abrams………was a test to either 1.) see what would and would not work for Episode 7, or 2.) drop hints of whats to come .

    This is TV show where the main character is a young girl who is has supernatural/telekentic powers (the force), that was passed to her from her mother ( just like Han an Leia’s daughter would have, if you go from the EU ). Her mother has passed away and she has grown up not knowing her father. Her father has no powers and is a criminal/outlaw (Han). She is reunited with him and they are off on “an adventure”( sounds like some of the info from the casting call).They are on the run from a very powerful organization that wants to use her and her powers as a weapon (Trying to turn her to the Dark Side)….There was even a “shadow” in one of the episodes that my 6 year old said “look, its Darth Vader”…..sure enough there was a shadw on a brick wall that was the silhouette of Lord Vader himself. It’s just an idea…it could be possible, or just a coincidence, or I’m just reading too much into it….after all I haven’t heard the “Wilhelm scream” yet

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