WHO006: The Caretaker

WHO006: The Caretaker


In this episode we review and analyse episode 6 of season 8, entitled ‘The Caretaker’.  Does Clara lead multiple lives? What is Missy’s relation to the Doctor? How will the relationship between the Doctor and Danny evolve?

Join Jimmy Akin, Fr. Cory Sticha, Stephanie Zimmer, Dom Bettinelli and Fr. Roderick for discussion, analysis and speculation!

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Check out Jimmy Akin’s blog Let’s Watch Doctor Who, Stephanie’s podcast TV Rewind and Dom Bettinelli & Fr. Roderick’s podcast Secrets of Star Wars!

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  1. Steve Jess

    Here’s a bit of trivia: that microphone The Doctor is holding is a real thing: the Coles Microphones 4104B Lip Microphone. It’s one of the models actor Nicholas Briggs uses to create the voice of the Daleks. It’s funny to see it used as a prop!

  2. Scott

    In the trailer for the next episode there are spider webs so that makes me think the villian will be the Racnoss fron the 10th Doctor episode The Runaway Bride or the Spiders from the 3rd Doctor episode Planet of the Spiders.

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