ONC068: A Tale of Two Sisters

ONC068: A Tale of Two Sisters

In this episode we analyze season 4’s opening! Who wrote the book? Who owns the mansion which Belle discovered? What will happen to maid Marian?

Join Fr. Roderick Vonhögen, David Handlos, Shelly Kelly, Lisa Jones, Deborah Schaben and Inge Loots for analysis and speculation!

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  1. Schulz

    In listening to the latest podcast – I had a thought that I wanted to share. You were talking aobut the writer of the book. Here is my thought: in the first episode, we saw the sorcerer’s hat. In keeping to some of the Disney themes, isn’t it possible that the sorcerer turns out to be Merlin (from the sword in the stone) and that he and Regina have an epic magic battle – much like the battle that happens with the witch in the sword and the stone.

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