ONC072: Breaking Glass

ONC072: Breaking Glass

In this episode we analyze episode 45 of season 4, entitled ‘Breaking Glass’ and highlight all the themes and hidden easter eggs. What is the Snow Queen’s evil plan? And why does nobody remember her?

Join David Handlos, Shelly Kelly, Inge Loots and Lisa Jones for analysis and speculation!

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    Just want to correct something…. SYDNEY / aka Genie …. Killed KIng Leopold but when Regina tried to get him to leave the kingdom. SYDNEY used his last wish to wish himself to always gaze on her face / to be with her forever … then he went poof and was captured in the mirror. He condemned himself by wishing / imposing himself on Regina … something without her permission.

    In STORYBROOK … Glass was Regina’s henchman and got imprisoned in the mental ward because he kidnapped Kathryn. He could have gone to prison for kidnapping in the real world.

    HE more or less condemed himself to his prisons.

  2. Kate

    Correction: The eight episode is going to be 2 hours but its not any part of episode 9. Episode 9 will air on nov 30th. ABC extended the episode count to 23. The winter finale for Once will be on Dec 14 when they air episode 11 called “Villains and Heroes”.

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