1. Jeff Whitlow

    Father Roderick- I just finished the most recent podcast and think you and Dom have overlooked the obvious on a couple of points
    1. Of course the millennium falcon has a new dish–lando knocked the round one off in return of the Jedi during the battle of the second Death Star

    2. Think about it … the lightsaber heard at the very end of the teaser is the blue one Luke has in A New Hope…The one that was his father’s…The one that fell down the shaft in Cloud City …….when his hand was cut off. Does this confirm the plot leaks about Luke’s hand and light saber? Possibly. More interesting, what if somebody found it? Could someone have cloned an evil Luke from the leftover hand?

    I’ve listened to you for quite a while from hobbits to Jedi – love the podcasts! Keep it up!
    May the force be with you!

    Jeff Whitlow, Little Rock, AR, US

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