Introducing Trideo Live

Introducing Trideo Live


Week Ending November 11, 2016

We bring you yet another new show this week: Trideo Live!  Each episode, Father Roderick joins you and the whole community for a live Facebook video chat, where he talks about what’s new and engages in a dialogue on what’s new. Like our page at to be sure not to miss any upcoming episodes.

Meanwhile, we are grateful to those who have already joined our Winter Giving Campaign with a gift. We’re off to a good start with over $2,000 in donations over the first two weeks, but we have a long way to go to reach our goal of $50,000. By the way, if you saw Trideo Live this week, you saw Fr. Roderick introduce our new Giving Pig, a ceramic pig that Father will paint pink as your gifts come in.

If you can help us make the shows you love, please donate now! Only 5% of our current listeners help us financially right now. We need many more to join them. Thank you.

Trideo Live: Premiere!

In this episode: behind the scenes of the LEGO Halloween video; first impressions of Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Fr. Roderick’s Netflix Tips and the kick-off of Trideo’s Winter Fund Drive!

The Break

The Break – Why the PlayStation VR is Revolutionary

In The Break this week, meeting Pope Francis in Rome; hunting for LEGO, the Netflix documentary about Amanda Knox and a review of the PlayStation VR.


The Walk – 20 Years A Priest

Fr. Roderick looks back at his first 20 years of the priesthood and discuss some important lessons learned.

The life of Saint Martin of Tours explained in 1 minute. With LEGO!

Trideo Live #2

A spoiler-free Doctor Strange review, Stranger Things casting news, LEGO stories, productivity tips and the first Winter Fund Drive update .. and a pig!

As Fr. Roderick announced in The Break #1000, we’re preparing a special pilgrimage to Rome and Assisi for the Trideo community next year. We’re firming up the dates and are almost ready to start filling the spaces, so stay subscribed and watch this space.

Meanwhile, one more reminder that your  gift in the Winter Giving Campaign at makes it possible for us to continue producing new shows and reach even more new audiences. Thank you for helping.

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